Politicians and right wing commentators and “family” protection groups are always making calls for compulsory sex offender registers. They always want no exemptions and they don’t trust the legal system to actually do the correct thing.

A recent case in Melbourne involving 4 photos sent to an 18 year old from teenage friends as a text highlight the huge problems with the compulsory nature of these registers.

The man pleaded guilty and received a 12-month good behaviour bond without conviction. His name however will now go on the sex offendor registers for underage sexual activity. This will restrict his activities for the next 8 years. (See ‘I used to be outgoing; now I’m paranoid’: charged teen.)

Earlier this year a case where actual sexual intercourse occurred all four teenagers were placed on the sexual offenders list (one teenager filmed the event). Again they are placed on this list. (See ‘They were sacrificial lambs led to the slaughter’). Some of the comments on this story make you realise how some people have forgotten what teenagers are like or were “angels” when they were growing up.

Wikipedia has some details on the four countries which have registers and how ineffective these are. In all reality the abuser is generally known to the person and is a person of trust (e.g. Catholic Priest, family member, teacher).