India throws off imperial shackles at last – gay sex declared legal

Finally India is throwing off the last vestiges of British imperialism with the Dehli High Court ruling that homosexual sex between adults is legal. The High Court has ruled that the 1861 Bristish law which made illegal “sex against the order of nature,” which had been widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex in India, does […]

SMS Scammers – Action at last

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that The Federal Court has granted interim orders against three companies over allegations of setting up false dating profiles and SMS spamming. (Lonely hearts tricked into paying for spam: watchdog) Unfortunately there are some companies which have no ethics which are out their to get your money. The scam […]

Mardi Gras Changes

The news which has generated the most comments for a long time is Mardi Gras decision to split the party and parade. With over 120 comments most against the move Mardi Gras then announced that their would be a new after parade party. What is really interesting is the claims and counter claims around the […]

One of Them

NZ on Screen now has One of Them online now – a great short film made in 1997 – adapted from a short story by Peter Wells. One of Them! was one of two films (with Memory and Desire) adapted from short stories in Peter Wells’ book Dangerous Desires, (1991). It was made for TV One […]

Broadband Plans

Both Australia and New Zealand look set to get substantially improved internet access with annoucnements on both sides of the Tasman of broadband plans. The Australian Plan The new fibre-to-the-home network would take eight years to build, cost $43 billion, and give 90 per cent of Australian households download speeds 100 times faster than they […]

Flashback: For Today

1985 was my final year living in Wellington which was a great time to be living in New Zealand’s capital city. This song still can take me right back to those times – to friends, lovers, flatmates and events.  1985 was the year the homosexual law reform bill debate started including the infamous “Nuremburg rally” […]

LGB Poverty

An interesting study called “Poverty in the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community” was  published by The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law this month. “This report undertakes the first analysis of the poor and low-income lesbian, gay, and bisexual population. We find clear evidence that poverty is at least as common in the […]

Kevin Smith – Desperate Remedies 1993

NZ On Screen have a great tribute to Kevin Smith who died far to young in 2002. His first feature film in 1993 was Desperate Remedies. This was a very New Zealand film and very camp – and so totally different from the Piano released in the same year. From the NZ on Screen Website: […]

Freedom of Information – Good News

In a week of some really bad news including the NSW government passing legislation which allows police to have secret search warrants the news that Senator Faulkner is promoting a major overhaul to the Freedom of Information Act is great news. I think Senator Conroy needs to read this section of this opinion piece These reforms […]

Senator Conroy plan to ban the internet!

One of the best blogs I have seen which highlights the fundamental flaw in Senator Conroy’s crazy filtering plan. Read it, get angry then do something about it.

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