Bohemian Beatfreaks 2018 versus Police

Bohemian Beatfreaks 2018 versus Police

NSW Police are continuing to take a hard line approach with all musical events with the Bohemian Besfreask the latest event told it can’t proceed due to safety concerns. The festival is in its 4th year in the same location and the police on 26 October is when the police seemed to decide the event […]

Senator Conroy responds maybe

Today I received an email below in response to my email on the Aussie Internet Censorship plan. Besides not even addressing the issues I raised the following two points need to be stated about the email 1)  No ability to send an email response or any clickable links to any further information: “Please note this […]


Interesting two polls out today which contradict each other. And what is the National Party up to and why is the Exclusive Bethren supporting them? What will happen to the more liberal members of the National Party – (See today’s herald story on the lastest on push polling coming to you today from the Exclusive […]