Bohemian Beatfreaks 2018 versus Police

Bohemian Beatfreaks 2018 versus Police

NSW Police are continuing to take a hard line approach with all musical events with the Bohemian Besfreask the latest event told it can’t proceed due to safety concerns. The festival is in its 4th year in the same location and the police on 26 October is when the police seemed to decide the event […]

Why Compulsory Sex Offender Registers are bad law

Politicians and right wing commentators and “family” protection groups are always making calls for compulsory sex offender registers. They always want no exemptions and they don’t trust the legal system to actually do the correct thing. A recent case in Melbourne involving 4 photos sent to an 18 year old from teenage friends as a […]

Where is the news coverage of the Copenhagen bomb attack?

It was really sad to hear about the bomb attacks at the Out Games in Copenhagen. Fortunately no one was killed but people were injured. What however was disturbing was the lack of mainstream news coverage of this event. A simple google news search showed 127 arctles of which shows besides the BBC and AP […]

Stonewall 40 years on

Queers for Justice recent arcticle Stonewall 40th and Pride Unveil NYC’s Shameful Priorities – highlights how there has always been a inherent tension in the queer communities. The article discusses New York city spending money targetting gay tourists to New York but not providing funds to the poor and working class queers. This isn’t suprising […]

India throws off imperial shackles at last – gay sex declared legal

Finally India is throwing off the last vestiges of British imperialism with the Dehli High Court ruling that homosexual sex between adults is legal. The High Court has ruled that the 1861 Bristish law which made illegal “sex against the order of nature,” which had been widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex in India, does […]

Moving House

Wondering why QNA and the blog died the day it started. Well our landlord hadn’t paid his mortgage so we end up been forced to move. Fortunately within a week we had moved but way to much chaos. The bad news is we are still waiting for the bond form to be signed by the […]