The list of banned sites makes interesting reading and the ACMA Press release in response to the release of the banned sites you get an idea of the nonsense that is occuring in this government agency.

The rules the ACMA operate under are based on a 1992 ACT.  It is clear this ACT needs to be brought up to date to reflect the reality of the Internet.
ACMA’s current list of approximately 1100 URLs relating to prohibited content and potential prohibited content hosted outside Australia includes material in the following categories:
  • depictions of child sexual abuse;
  • depictions of bestiality;
  • material containing excessive violence or sexual violence;
  • material containing detailed instruction in crime, violence or drug use;
  • real depictions of actual sexual activity;
  • depictions of simulated sexual activity which are not subject to a restricted access system.

So this would mean that sites such as are banned as are ALL Adult sites as they show real depictions of actual sexual activity.

Sites such as ACON would have to be banned as they include detailed instruction on safe drug use.
Maybe the best solution to this nonsense is to send a list of sites which breach any of these or just make up the breach as ACMA has to investigate. 
Maybe the government could drop this idiotic plan and ACMA could actually do something about the Premium TXT scams.

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