US Democrats work to end HIV+ Visitor ban

While the Bush regime is moving to “streamline” entry for HIV positive visitors 30 Democrats have called for the ban to be lifted. Congresswoman Barbara Lee (Oakland, CA) led Members of Congress to sign on to a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to oppose a proposed rule, prompted by the Bush administration, to […]

ACT Civil Union get the green light

Kevin Rudd has stated that he won’t veto the ACT government’s move to implement Civil Union legislation. This is good news for same sex couples in Australia and the first step to removing discrimination and is a nice change to the Howard legacy. It should also mean the same sex civil unions entered into overseas […]

Australia shows movement on civil unions

During the Australian election campaign a lot was made that there was no difference between the Labor Party and the National/Liberal coalition. What is becoming clearer is there is a fundamental shift occurring on the social and environmental issues and a new direction for Australia. The decision to proceed with ratifying Kyoto is the most […]

Penny Wong now a Minister

The changes keep coming in Australia with Senator Penny Wong been appointed to the Australian cabinet and becomes Australia’s first openly lesbian federal Minister. She has been appointed as Minister for Climate Change and Water. While the lead up to the election there didn’t seem much difference between the Liberal/National coalition and Labor, Kevin Rudd’s […]

Gays and feminists to blame for society ills!

I really should stop reading this stuff. Today I read a opinion piece by Garth George in the New Zealand Herald titled: Garth George: A nation festering in a moral cesspit His first point I agree with but not necessarily the conclusion (Yes there are issues but it is hard to know if it is […]

The Gay Hood

With the sudden closure of the Newtown Hotel in Sydney and the temporary closure of the Imperial Hotel it feels like a part of the gay community in Sydney has gone. Along with some of the recent issues in Oxford St as straight clubs open up and bring more straight people into Oxford St one […]

Bye Bye Howard

The Liberal/National coalition lost the election yesterday and looks likely that John Howard also lost his seat. Howard’s claim to fame was that the economic boom but the real reason for the boom is the Chinese economy and the consequent mineral boom. Howard rejected gay marriage and all attempts to provide equal rights for same […]

My kind of Homo: Dan Matthews

Dan Matthews was recently on ABC National Radio Morning Breakfast and then the next day on National Radio Saturday Morning with Kim Hill. Dan Matthews is vice-president of animal rights activist organisation PETA. While you may not always agree with some of his comments he came accross as a committed, thoughtful and concerned person. He […]

Faster HIV Test for NZ but still none in OZ

Wellington in New Zealand is about to get the 20 minute HIV test from 1 November but in Australia the situation remains that the test isn’t available. ACON in August in SSO said that the rapid test wasn’t needed here as most gay men tested. If the response in New Zealand is anything to go […]

Time up for Homosexual Panic Defence

The New Zealand Law Commission is recommending the removal of the “Homosexual Panic Defence” in murder cases. The murder of gay men has been happening for too long and it is time this ridiculous defence was removed. In New Zealand the beat a queer and you will get it off was not helped by the […]