Leaked list and leaked report – is Conroy insane?

A list of “banned” websites in Australia was leaked today.  Check out The Blarg of Fosenz for a good blog on the story. Both the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have good stories on this. Apparently the list of banned sites includes: A Queensland Dentist A Tuckshop Some gay porn sites  The other bit of news […]

Conroy’s Clean Feed – Why won’t he talk about it?

The move to filter the internet in Australia is slowly moving forward. What is clear is that Senator Conroy and the Labor Government do not want to talk about this censorship. If you are interested in the implications of this then check out the ABC National Radio Background Briefing. As you will see from the […]

I’m not gay ok

The tabloid’s have decided it is time again to try to “out” a well known ex Australian Olympic swimmer. He has been very private about his personal life which of course only makes the tabloids more curious. So what evidence have they got – a photo of him and a male friend coming out of […]

Gay Adoption – the reality

When laws do not reflect the modern reality you end up with headlines like the following: Surrogates told to pay support Of course the whole issue would be a non issue if gay adoption was once and all sorted out. It has been discussed on and off in New Zealand with the last attempt in […]

Gay Marriage

Amerinz recent post on his civil union in New Zealand highlights how the law change in 2005 to allow same sex civil unions was an important step forward for equality for the gay and lesbian communities in New Zealand. While a number of critics said only same sex marriage would be good enough this comment […]

Not allowed – We control what you can view

Yesterday while in the Virgin Lounge in Brisbane waiting for my flight to Sydney I connected to Virgin’s wireless network and connected to various sites. However when I tried to connect to one of our company sites gaytravel.net.nz I found I was not able to as the site was classified as Adult Content. I was […]

Flashback: Blam Blam Blam

“There is no depression in New Zealand” was a great song from Blam Blam Blam released in July 1981. Been released on the eve of the 1981 Springbok tour it summed up the feeling of a lot of New Zealand at the time. It brings back some great student day memories. Hard to believe it […]

SMS Scammers – follow the money

As they say when an offer looks to good beware. It would seem this is particularly true on gay personal websites with a rise of scammers trying to get your personal information.  There appears to be an Australian company actively seeking your mobile number so they “trick” you into signing up to premium text services. […]

NZ on Screen

NZ on Air have set up NZ on Screen where you can catch and watch a lot of New Zealand content. Some interesting items on the site with some gay and lesbian content including: About Face: My First Suit Topp Twins 1998 Hero Parade Bitch There is a lot of other interesting NZ Material on […]

GABA Scholarship non story

Russell Brown last week discussed a recent Listener article entitled Gay Wrongs? In this article Mary Jane Boland accused the Education Minister Chris Carter of supporting discriminationary practice in that GABA has announced a single new $2000 tertiary education scholarship offered to a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender student. Mary Jane Boland went on to attack Chris […]

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