Annual Nude Rugby Game in Dunedin

Annual Nude Rugby Game in Dunedin

It is the middle of winter in Dunedin so it time for the annual nude rugby game which was well supported with over a thousand spectators. TV3 reported: “It’s well supported and it is just a bit of fun, and if you don’t like it, you don’t come,” says Dave Bourke, the Nude Blacks captain.  […]

Mardi Gras – Searches at Carnival

The Mardi Gras Parade was good fun on Saturday night. It is just a pity that the Carnival party afterwards wasn’t. I am not sure who decided not to open the gates until after 10pm (the first people who arrived off the parade must have been there by 9pm) What was even more appalling was […]

Guess what Mardi Gras is meant to be fun

Two recent commentaries which question whether Sydney Mardi Gras is past its used by date and the comments which followed say a lot about what the authors perception of this event. In a column entitled, “Relics of another era: The winter Olympics and the mardi gras”, Tanveer Ahmed argues that both the Olympics and Sydney […]

Senator Conroy responds maybe

Today I received an email below in response to my email on the Aussie Internet Censorship plan. Besides not even addressing the issues I raised the following two points need to be stated about the email 1)  No ability to send an email response or any clickable links to any further information: “Please note this […]

Where is the news coverage of the Copenhagen bomb attack?

It was really sad to hear about the bomb attacks at the Out Games in Copenhagen. Fortunately no one was killed but people were injured. What however was disturbing was the lack of mainstream news coverage of this event. A simple google news search showed 127 arctles of which shows besides the BBC and AP […]

Stonewall 40 years on

Queers for Justice recent arcticle Stonewall 40th and Pride Unveil NYC’s Shameful Priorities – highlights how there has always been a inherent tension in the queer communities. The article discusses New York city spending money targetting gay tourists to New York but not providing funds to the poor and working class queers. This isn’t suprising […]

India throws off imperial shackles at last – gay sex declared legal

Finally India is throwing off the last vestiges of British imperialism with the Dehli High Court ruling that homosexual sex between adults is legal. The High Court has ruled that the 1861 Bristish law which made illegal “sex against the order of nature,” which had been widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex in India, does […]

Naked Rugby 2009

Naked Rugby 2009

It is that time of year where Otago men get naked and play rugby. The annual match in Otago happened again. (Hat tip: put ’em all on an island)

SMS Scammers – Action at last

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that The Federal Court has granted interim orders against three companies over allegations of setting up false dating profiles and SMS spamming. (Lonely hearts tricked into paying for spam: watchdog) Unfortunately there are some companies which have no ethics which are out their to get your money. The scam […]

Mardi Gras Changes

The news which has generated the most comments for a long time is Mardi Gras decision to split the party and parade. With over 120 comments most against the move Mardi Gras then announced that their would be a new after parade party. What is really interesting is the claims and counter claims around the […]