Equal rights for gays

Equal rights for gays

Australia is in the middle of the federal election campaign and what is interesting is how neither major party actually is going to do anything to fix up the unequal situation that gay and lesbian’s find in Australia. The following two youtube clips show the real difference that exists between New Zealand and Australia when […]

HIV Research Breakthrough

An interesting item on the ABC on HIV research in Australia. The research at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne is focused on uncovering HIV and how it replicates and the implications of latent cells. The director of infectious diseases at the Alfred, Professor Sharon Lewin, says one of the problems with HIV is that it hides […]

Have to love the language

I just came across Lindsay Perigo’s press release. Nothing unusual about it but you have to love the language. Some select quotes: Homosexuals, once the victims of Nazism, are now among its foremost advocates. The gay movement is infested by faggot-maggots with totalitarian intent. All freedom-lovers, gay and straight, should unite in resistance to this […]

John Banks back

You would think Aucklander’s would have learnt there lesson last time around. Due to a low voter turnout John Banks has got back the Auckland mayoralty. He has promised he has changed from last time but somehow I don’ t think this tiger has changed his stripes. Expect more homophobic nonsense, general intolerance and other […]

What really happens in Aussie changing rooms

In today’s Daily Telegraph Manly winger Michael Robertson says he is “embarrassed” that footage of him naked appeared on Fox Sports after the Sea Eagles lost the grand final.While Manly’s Steve Menzies is interviewed by a Fox Sports journalist after the NRL decider on September 30, Robertson can clearly be seen in the background swirling […]

uniQ newsletter Otago

The Queerest Tea Party “Country Fair Bakeoff” Next week!! University lawn, Thursday the 11th October 12-2PM Come and enter you country goodness baking in the bent bakeoff comp #2. Hoe down on fruit pies, campy cakes and varieties of vegan delights. Entries on the day, bring your baking goods to the OUSA Student Support Centre […]

Civil unions – The sky hasn’t fallen in

A year has passed since the first Civil Union occurred in New Zealand. While there hasn’t been a rush of Civil Union’s the fact is that 458 unions have occurred in the past 12 months. (Just over 2% of the total number of marriages in the same 12 months). Interesting the critics who claimed that […]

Welcome to 2006

Sydney at 40c+ so too hot to go out to the beach so time to catch up on all the backdated news stories and tidy up sites. 2005 saw New Zealand move forward on Civil Unions. Australia in fact moved nowhere with equal recognition on many areas still not achieved for same sex couples. Of […]

HIV Disclosure case

The “not guilty” decision in the case of an HIV positive man charged with criminal nuisance for not disclosing his status during protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex is good news for all HIV Positive people in New Zealand. The decision means an HIV positive person does not need to disclose their status if […]

Moving House

Wondering why QNA and the blog died the day it started. Well our landlord hadn’t paid his mortgage so we ended up been forced to move. Fortunately within a week we had moved but way to much chaos. The bad news is we are still waiting for the bond form to be signed by the […]